Arabic IP Practice

From an Oil Economy to an Innovation Economy

Our Arabic Practice has evolved from our representation of universities and research centers in the Arabian Gulf, where innovation was born centuries ago. Having the privilege to work with highly skilled technology innovators that are transforming this part of the world from an oil economy to an innovation economy is one of the unique aspects of our practice. Litman Law has many relationships in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and neighboring countries.

How We Help

Our lawyers and staff handle technology and IP matters for these clients and for businesses entering this emerging market. We also help research institutions and enterprises form collaborative relationships with counterparts in the Gulf. Our Arabic IP Practice includes helping franchisors and other trademark owners obtain proper protection in the GCC and in surrounding MENA countries. We also work with technology companies wishing to establish facilities in the Arabian Gulf through co-location or "spinning in" a multinational startup company to the region.

Our Unique Client Service Delivery Model

In addition to frequent trips to the Arabian Gulf, our law firm makes it easy to do business between U.S. universities, research centers and enterprises and counterparts in the Gulf.

Arabic Innovation Management

Litman Law has a joint venture with Soroof International, a technology company headquartered in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Soroof means "change" and the company is at the forefront of helping the Kingdom and the region transform itself from an oil economy to an innovation economy. Soroof is headed by His Highness Prince Bander A. Al Saud.

The joint venture, called Arabic Innovation Management, helps companies, research centers and universities establish relationships in the region and manages those relationships to achieve economic, health and other social benefits.

Arabic Innovation Management focuses on collaborative relationships involving scientific research, and the development and commercialization of a wide spectrum of technologies, including energy, water and environmental technology, information and communications technology, and biotechnology. Of particular interest are technologies that are directed to major problems in the Gulf such as water and diabetes.

US-Saudi Arabia Trade Mission

In December 2010 the US-Saudi Business Council and the Commonwealth of Virginia hosted a group of preeminent business leaders on a Trade Mission to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The group visited Riyadh, where they had dinner with the US Ambassador and met with distinguished leaders in business and government at the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and at the Equestrian Club. Richard Litman visited King AbdulAziz City of Science and Technology, the King Saud AbdulAziz University for the Health Sciences, and the Naif Arab University for the Security Sciences.

In Dammam, he visited Dammam University and participated in meetings hosted by the Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce. He is pictured here with Sheikh Tariq A.H. Al-Qahtani, Chairman of the Abdel Hadi Abdullah Al-Qahtani Group of Companies, headquartered in Dammam. It is one of the oldest and largest privately held companies in the Kingdom.

Research Collaborations

Litman Law facilitated a relationship between the George Washington University School of Medicine and Imam Mohammed University Faculty of Medicine in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to develop basic medical research programs in the fields of biochemistry and genomic medicine.