4PATENT® Filing Programs

U.S. Applications by Applicants from Other Countries
The 4PATENTS® service provides a streamlined, economically sensitive, and professionally driven process to file U.S. patent applications for clients from outside the U.S.  Clients that have pending international (PCT) applications or are filing a U.S. application claiming priority to an application filed initially in another country.This 4PATENTS® service is of significant benefit to universities and research centers located in Asia, Australia, Europe, Russia and in other regions where there are preeminent research institutions. These clients need top quality representation provided by expert patent practitioners. However, budgets may only allow for the lower costs charged by foreign filing intermediary services. Our service offers expertise, lower fees and more.

U.S. Applications and PCT Applications
Our 4PATENTS® program is available for universities and research centers that initially file in the U.S. Our Academic Innovation Practice coordinates U.S. filings with international and foreign filings while research is being advanced, and resulting technologies are developed and commercialized worldwide. Our Arabic IP Practice provides additional services to clients in Arabic countries and for collaborative relationships involving an Arabic university, research center, business or government. To accelerate examination, wassist clients with fast tracking patents applications using the Patent Prosecution Highway, the Green Technology Pilot Program, and with other approaches.

Accelerated Customized Examination Strategies (ACES)
ACES is our strategic counseling approach to accelerate the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office examination schedule and provide a fast track to obtaining U.S. patent protection. Our ACES program guides universities and researchers with inventions in fields such as environmental quality, energy and biotechnology through the 35 U.S.C. 111(a) process with accelerated examination schedules. Clients also benefit from our effective utilization of the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH).